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One healthcare field that many students don't take into consideration is massage therapy. Trained massage therapists perform a vital role in the health and rehabilitation of thousands of patients around the country. Consider enrolling at a massage therapy training center in your area.

Computer science and information technology are still growing career fields. Your best bet is to enroll at a four-year college to earn your bachelor's of science in computer science or information technology. Once you have your undergraduate degree, your job outlook should be pretty good. Advancement for individuals with a computer science degree on their resume is typically very strong. If you aren't sure that this is the career field for you, you can enroll in a single online IT class and try it out.

You can always consider a business major. Earning an undergraduate degree in business has been a solid career path for decades. Before you enroll at a business school, however, you should look into the recruitment history of the school and consider how many companies come to that campus looking for interns and job candidates and which field of business major they are looking for as well. Don't enroll at a school where no companies come to hire your degree candidates from. You can learn more about degrees in business from schools in California and elsewhere.

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